This could be you the next month.

Each month, we give job seekers worldwide the opportunity to get their Work Permit application fee covered by us.


Mahemudhusen Panwala

March, 2024




Armugam Kumar

February, 2024


Delivery driver


Sapana Mainali

January, 2024



How it works

Winners are chosen through a fair and inclusive random selection process. Every qualified individual has an equal opportunity to be selected.

Anticipate our monthly winner announcement, adding an element of surprise to your journey. We highlight the randomly selected individual, making each announcement an exciting celebration of unexpected success.

Our fortunate monthly winner receives the added benefit of having their work permit fees covered. This unexpected support enhances the joy of their success, making the transition to a new job in Europe even more rewarding. It's our way of bringing a touch of serendipity to your professional endeavors.

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